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Confederate secret weapon
HLB Hunley (HL Hanley) - a small submarine on hand drive, built in Mobile, Alabama, in 1863 by Horace Lawson Hunley drawings (Horace Lawson Hunley), James R. McClintock (James R. McClintock) and Baxter Watson (Baxter Watson). After testing in the Gulf of Mobile, she was transferred to Charleston, South Carolina, to protect the port. However, the August 29, 1863, being moored to a steamer, capsized and sank, taking into the deep eight-man crew.
It would seem that on this and ended the story .... 
After raising a new crew was recruited and began testing. During the testing, October 15, 1863, the boat could not reach the surface and the entire crew, including Horace Hunley, who led the dive, again drowned.
For the third time the old man threw the seine in the sea .. No, not that ..  

After the third ascent from the sea bottom boat was again renovated and equipped with the crew. With this crew, and strict instructions to under no circumstances did not sink, HLB Hanley began an operation to break the blockade of Charleston.
February 17, 1864 HLB Hunley suited to the steam frigate USS Housatonic and holds a torpedo attack on one of the sides. Ship federal rapidly falls to the bottom and into history as the first ship, lost due to a torpedo attack submarine. 

However, the boat was not destined that day to return from a mission. For 131 years the fate of the boat and its crew was a mystery. It was not until May 1995, when Clive Cussler (Clive Cussler) has found its place of the crash. Only 5 years after the discovery of HLB Hunley was lifted gently from the bottom of the bay and shipped to restore the naval base at Charleston. 


Israel defense force

Армия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны ИзраиляАрмия Обороны Израиля

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Obama ni sakit kaki ke atau Mmg tak sopan?

Tambah kapsyen

Pemandangan Kota Singa Dari Roda Gergasi

Even though the Ferris wheel Singapore Flyer (Levitating Singapore) is the largest in the world, as much as much as 165 meters, I was skeptical at first took the idea to visit it, probably cause it was bad weather on the second day of our stay in the city, but the next day, the sun appeared and I decided it was probably worth a look here.


Ikan Patin Vietnam.. Malaysia ada?

Roughly all imported fish can be divided into two categories: wild (Hake, Hoki, kingklip, pollack, etc.) and farmed (salmon, sea trout (the one which Oncorhynchus mykiss), tilapia, catfish and Taiwan, etc.) . Pangasius refers to the second group and, probably, is the mass of artificially produced fish. In the original photo is just he is (like the kind of river pig - a pig snout is not a nickle).
Pangasius (this is important, too) is a freshwater fish and is produced mainly in Vietnam. Without exception, all the production (all without exception, companies monsters) are in the Mekong Delta.

About twenty years ago in Vietnam Pangasius farm production has begun, though it is oriented to the domestic market (which is not surprising when more than eighty million people). Eleven years ago, began exporting Pangasius, which is very beneficial to the industry: over the years in Vietnam have are concentrated in the hands of the entire production cycle (from fingerling to the final product) and numbering up to twenty thousand workers in the season.
Immediately apologize for the quality of photos shot exclusively for themselves and do not count on it that I ever have to publish them.

A. Mekong - to put it mildly is not the cleanest river. Swim there, I would not dare. Perhaps this is one of the reasons due to which the pangasius in the world is very cautious attitude.








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